Welcome to Little Stars Nursery for the Performing Arts, a bright, new venture from The Jason Thomas Dance Company. Our aim is to offer your child an exciting, fun filled introduction into the world of dance and music.

Little Stars is the inspiration of Jason Thomas. Jason has been teaching all aspects of dance in Cornwall since 2001 and after the success of his dance school Jason has created Little Stars Nursery for the Performing Arts, a first for the county of Cornwall. Little Stars caters for children aged 2 to 5 years, who enjoy dancing and singing and who show an interest in performing.

The Setting

Little Stars offers children the opportunity to learn about ballet, jazz and tap and sing with experienced dance teachers including Jason Thomas and Terri-Anne Sawyer.

Little Stars will encourage children to be independent in their choices and staff will support them in the best way we can.

Children with special educational needs are welcome to attend Little Stars and will be given full autonomy whilst the teachers observe them and learn about them and their interests and motivations.

Children will be invited to participate in the annual Jason Thomas Performing Arts show at the Hall for Cornwall in July.

Opening Times & Fees

Little Stars offers 1 sessions a day, from Monday till Friday.
09:00am – 12:00pm . Throughout term time During the sessions children will partake in a wide range of performing arts activities
whilst still having the opportunities to talk and play with their friends.

A time table is available for parents to see, however, will be altered as

If someone else is collecting your child they will be asked to give staff members
your chosen password before your child will be allowed to leave with them, we
would also appreciate it if you could inform the staff if someone else will be
collecting your child.

Fees are due in advance, and are payable by cheque, cash or standing order.
Please speak to a member of staff regarding any further information.

Please note: 24 hours notice is required for the lunchtime wraparound session.

All members of staff who supervise the lunch time session hold food hygiene certificates.

AGES 2- 3 1/2 YEARS


FRIDAYS 12.00-12.30


Children will be expected to wear RAD ballet dress for their ballet lessons, including ballet shoes. They will also be encouraged to wear jazz and tap uniform for jazz and tap sessions. All dancewear, including shoes, are available to purchase through the nursery, along with a tracksuits, t-shirts and bags.

We hope that your child has a fantastic time at Little Stars, however, we also realise that at times you will need to speak to a member of staff. If this is the case then please ask to speak to Sarah Thomas who will try to help solve any issues that may arise. You will always be offered the opportunity to talk in private. Staff will also inform you of any issues that have arisen promptly and hopefully any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to seeing you at Little Stars Nursery for the Performing Arts.

Little Stars Nursery for the Performing Arts
Tel: 01872 276365


Little Stars Nursery for the Performing Arts Pre-School

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